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Irie Idea’s “Good on Paper” sounds “Great on Speakers” as well!

“Irie Idea, take a traditionalist view of blues, ska and rocksteady reggae and juice it with the energy of the punk rock on which they were weaned.” --The Big Takeover

Rocksteady time and tone meet blues structure and progression in Irie Idea’s latest release, “Good on Paper” off their album Blues Like Sandpaper | Rocksteady Like Dirt. The lyrics reflect persistent optimism even in difficult times. Featuring Joe Quinones (backing vocals, tambourine) and Anthony Medina (organ) from the Delirians and Sammy Kay (bottles), Irie Idea’s subtle intricacies proudly display a well-rounded sound. If Irie Idea’s message or identity as a band wasn’t perfectly clear before, “Good on Paper” is a musical and lyrical representation of the band as a whole.

Check out the article on The Big Takeover and stream the track on SoundCloud!

The proudly optimistic, upbeat tone and timing of “Good on Paper” couldn’t match the lyrical content any better. A song about the bands views on the inherently corrupt world around us gives listeners three reasons to keep smiling anyway; drums, bass, and guitar.

“(Anthony Medina’s) furious organ playing and (Joe Quinones) 3rd part high harmonies made this song seriously come alive.” There was also a full-sound technique used to record the guitar tracks. Curtis Irie plugged into two stereo amplifiers and a bass amplifier, “taking each part of what this sound achieves, and isolating each.”

Tour Dates
05.24 Slim's - Portland, OR - Album Release Show

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