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Huffington Post Interviews Croatia’s Lovely Quinces at SXSW

“She's channeling the best of Americana and melancholy rock from the depths of the Balkans, all on her own.” --Katherine Brooks - Huffington Post

Huffington Post’s Katherine Brooks sat down with Croatian artist Dunja Ercegovic, who performs under the moniker Lovely Quinces, during SXSW to chat about her home city Split, the eats, and the untapped musical talent found throughout the country.

Scope the full interview on Huffington Post -- And stream “Wrong House” single on SoundCloud!

Ercegovic’s real strength and raw power comes out on stage and puts a fantastic shape to an original acoustic sound. Strong, confident, vulnerable, scared, loud, quiet, funny - all at the same time - Lovely Quinces opens her heart to the audience and communicates her feelings and state of mind on each of her songs. With intelligent chord progressions, sweet whispers and slide guitar, she is as entertaining as she is energetic.

Originating from the small country of Croatia, Dunja Ercegovic, who performs under the moniker Lovely Quinces, refuses to remain concealed from the rest of the world and is ready to take on the world with recent appearances in Austin for SXSW as well as a stint at Canadian Music Week this May.

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