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How to Submit to a Collaborative Playlist


Do you want to submit your favorite song from 2017 to our "Best of 2017" playlist, but you're not exactly sure how? Well first off, we don't blame you- it's a pretty exciting moment. But secondly, it's really not hard to do. Just follow the steps below, and you'll be able to add to our "Best of 2017" collaborative playlist in no time.


How to add to our collaborative playlist:

  1. Click the Spotify follow button above to follow Green Light Go.
  1. If you're not logged into your Spotify account, log in and then click on this link to follow Green Light Go
  2. Click on our profile to select "follow," or even click the "follow" icon at the top of this blog post
  3. To follow the playlist: In an internet search browser, copy this link to view the playlist  
  4. Click the "Follow" button (NOTE: you must be following the playlist in order to add songs to it)
  5. Back in the search bar, search for the song you want to add
  6. Both on your phone and your computer screen, find the three dots on the far right- hand side of the song title
  7. Click the dots, and select "Add to Playlist"
  8. Click "GLG's Best of 2017"


Here is a reminder of the rules you need to follow in order for your song to be considered for the playlist:

  1. Follow Green Light go on Spotify
  2. Follow the collaborative playlist, “Best of 2017”
  3. Find a song from 2017, and add it to the playlist
  4. Limit one song per person per submission period


Collaborative playlists are a fun, easy way to share music with people, and as music lovers, we know there's nothing more exciting than that. We can't wait to see the songs that come in! 

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