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How To Pitch A Music Blog: Buzzbands LA

Sometimes getting into your favorite music blog has a few demographic key points that can really help influence your chances of coverage. Buzzbands LA happens to be one of those situational blogs. Here are a few tips and tricks that can really increase your chances.

1. Be From LA

This one might seem obvious, but the blog is called Buzzbands LA. That’s not to say they only cover bands from the LA area, but that dramatically increases your odds. There is a column called L.A. Scene that features up and coming bands from the area. The good news is that some of the bands covered are emerging artists without a lot of social media stats padding their music. Having some shows in the area can be hugely influential, in addition to some other LA selling points like notable producers you’ve worked with, or other musicians featured in the recordings. I would recommend trying for a premiere feature. I would also recommend taking a look at some of the recent articles to make sure the current trend matches your sound.

2. Play a Show in LA With a Touring Band

The next way in might be a little more difficult. Buzzbands LA also covers a lot of great established acts. I’ve seen recent articles about Nine Inch Nails and even Noel Gallagher. One column specifically reviews live shows of more popular bands that are touring through the area. If you can get onto a bill with one of these bands (or even if you have performed with one of them in the past) it can really increase your odds of getting in and catching the blog’s attention. You know what they say, it’s a long way to the top if you want to rock and roll. So don’t forget that hard work pays off, but nothing is guaranteed. I still recommend Step 1 if you’re from the area, or Step 3 if you are not.


Buzzbands LA has a show on the LA radio station KCSN called “L.A. Buzz Bands” where the host and Buzzbands LA founder, Kevin Bronson, features the up and coming hottest local bands in Los Angeles. The show is on Sundays from 9 p.m. to 10 p.m. (PT). If you get on the air then you could use this as a potential angle to reach Buzzbands LA or at least increase awareness. You might not get on that particular radio show, but again, it could help to increase your odds of coverage. Remember it always helps to actually tune in to the show and even send some feedback in your email. Talk about what you loved from the last show and mention why your band would be a great fit too. Also, don’t forget to make sure the music you’re submitting is FCC (Federal Communications Commission)  approved - which means it does not contain any curse words.

Remember, if you don’t get covered immediately don’t give up. You might catch a blogger’s attention without making it in this time around, but continue to do your research and send in your materials through the appropriate channels (i.e. make sure it is relevant to the blog in terms of genre and timeline). My biggest piece of advice with all music blogs, including Buzzbands LA, is to spend some time looking into recent articles before you reach out.


Green Light Go: Book a show in the LA area!

Sharing is Caring: Know a band who wants to be covered in Buzzbands LA? Feel free to share or tweet it. Comments and feedback always appreciated @p_corsi

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