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Holmes Releases “Stereo” MP3 Available for Download Now

Ever have one of those days? Bills piling up, pressure at work, and feeling like you’re at the bottom of the food chain? Holmes has the cure for you! On the first single from Complication Simplified,“Stereo,” an 80s style jam, complete with Moog synth, Roy Shakked and company not only show that music is the cure for what ails you, they serve up a batch of the treatment. Featuring Chris Bruce, who plays with Meshell Ndegeocello, and Joel Shearer (Gnarls Barkley, Damien Rice and Alainis Morissette) on guitar, “Stereo,” is a fun ride that reminds us the value of turning on the stereo and losing yourself in music for awhile. 

Download “Stereo” now.

Gliding effortlessly from simple hooky, fun tracks to darkly sophisticated ones, Complication Simplified (out on Groove Gravy in September) incorporates Shakked’s musical education and classic influences like Bowie, The Cars, Prince and Howlin’ Wolf. Says Shakked of his latest record, due out Sept. 25, 2012, “Many of the songs on this album are a return to simplification of musical ideas for me. Simplification of life’s problems. Getting to the point and clearing out what’s unnecessary.”

Complication Simplified shows a great variety in tone and instrumentation, while still focusing on Shakked’s great arrangements and songwriting. The jaunty, syncopated “Mosquitoes,” brings the frustration of the one-sided conversation alive with banjo, whistling and snappy lyrics. “Pressing My Luck,” is a modern take on the 80s driving song, with a catchy chorus, and arpeggiated guitar that invites the listener to see how far good luck can go. Showing equal aptitude for moodier songs, Shakked duets with Jesca Hoop on “Revolving Door.” Melancholy strings, horns and a sweeping cinematic sound surround their well-matched voices on this track.  

Holmes’ only permanent member is Roy Shakked, but the list of musicians that have played with him is astounding. Lyle Workman (Beck, Sting), Chris Bruce (Mechelle Ndegeocello, Sheryl Crow), Michael Jerome Moore (Blind Boys of Alabama, Better Than Ezra), Joel Shearer (Damien Rice, Alanis Morissette) and Brett Simons (Brian Wilson) are among the many who have graced the stage or studio with Holmes.

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