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High Five! from Baby Teardrops

With the April 12th release of X is for Love right around the corner, Baby Teardrops' frontman, Matthew Dunehoo lists the things he loves most:

1. Bat Watching in my Grandparents' Backyard
Although you can't really see the bats in this picture, trust me, they're there, flitting about, debugging the night, like a private aerial circus for our pleasure.


2. My Grandparents  

Grandma Alice, 80, and Papa Leonard, 90, have been in love for the last 61 years of their marriage. Fortunately, my family resided nearby, so I was able to know their love thoroughly.


3. A Pleasingly Presentable Simple Lunch

I'm trying to avoid bread these days, but I get a kick out of arranging the simple majesty of a sliced peach around the corresponding orange of cheddar cheese.


4. Riding My Bike Across Bridges

This view is from the George Washington Bridge, after a lengthy ride up the west side highway. I got a ticket in New Jersey that afternoon for riding my bike in a public park. Oh, Jersey!


5. Multiple Colors in Varying Patterns 

I've always love multi-colored things, like quilts, sunsets, and Christmas lights. This pattern comes from an installation created by my friend Elizabeth.


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This week's High Five! is brought to you by: Baby Teardrops with Lauren Mercury Roberts

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