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Hezekiah Jones Announces November 13 Album Release

Philadelphia indie folk band, Hezekiah Jones, draws inspiration from the universe of science fiction on their upcoming album, In Loving Memory of oosi Lockjaw, due out November 13th on Woodfarm.  The album’s mythological figure, Oosi, mirrors the complex, and mysterious, collusion of strings and percussion which constitute the Jones family.  Similarly to Oosi, Raphael Cutrufello decided at a young age to translate the lifeless words floating around our minds into something more organic: living breathing soundtracks fit for short science fiction films and the curious alike. 

Aliens, monsters, villains and heros: These archetypes flood the worlds of film and literature.  In Loving Memory of oosi Lockjaw, a combination of soft vocals and gentle guitar riffs leading a family of strings and percussion through ghost filled lands in search of freedom, integrates these fictitious ideas into the world of music.  Every melodic interaction, subtle and explicit, underscores Oosi’s theme of a gentle, loving exorcism, a letting go of these demons that haunt our subconscious bodies.

Oosi’s opening song, “The Dark Heart’s Out”, exposes this illusory world full of anxiety and desolation. Cutrufello’s adoration for science fiction and the world beyond our own becomes apparent as he guides listeners on a journey into this somber reality.  He warns, “Monotony swallows up the lost,” as a mellow drum beat rises and falls while ghostly vocals echo throughout the fiddle filled atmosphere.  Because of this eery yet professionally composed sound, this single inspires a feeling of provocative suspense from beginning to end.


In Loving Memory of ossi Lockjaw Track Listing

  1. The Dark Heart’s Out
  2. Go Cat Fall
  3. Hundred Miles In
  4. ossi Strikes Out in Hollywood
  5. Pittsburgh
  6. How the Wind Loves You
  7. Spare the Wicked
  8. Houghton
  9. Strange Dream
  10. Borrowed Heart
  11. Toronto
  12. Bound to be Sick


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