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Gwyneth Moreland’s “Little Black Flies”: solace and solitude in rural Montana.

Gwyneth Moreland’s gift for open-hearted storytelling rolls through her latest single with graceful simplicity. In “Little Black Flies” the solitude and
rugged natural beauty of rural Montana serve as the setting for a personal examination of love and loss. “Little Black Flies”: another beautiful example of Moreland’s unique songwriting and the simple, unaffected production that together have created a captivating new album, Ceilings, Floors, and Open Doors, in pre-release for selected markets November 18.

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Gwyneth Moreland’s latest single springs from a period of contemplative solace from touring spent in Montana’s pure, untainted natural beauty. “Little Black Flies” was inspired by the surrounding silence. "The silence out there is like nothing I have ever known before,” Moreland explains. “Each sound or movement, each passing wind or rock moving in the river catches your attention because it might mean that something is about to change.” The pervasive stillness from her period of seclusion in that special place is evident in the effortless calm that underlies Gwyneth’s engaging and charming songwriting.

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