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Gwyneth Moreland Journeys the Whimsical “Slaughterhouse Gulch”

“Boldly eschewing the unnecessary and the superfluous to strip things back to the essence of genuinely intimate songwriting means she has created a record of stunning simplicity and feeling, which is undeniably moving and affecting.” --The Mad Mackerel

Gwyneth Moreland'sSlaughterhouse Gulch”, off forthcoming Ceilings, Floors, and Open Doors out November 18, highlights the cyclical rebirth of nature and even rebirth within us all. Inspired by growing up steeped in the rugged, damp coast of rural Mendocino, CA Morland sings “new life springs forth from the mulch, this is where I call home and wherever I roam there is a cottage on Slaughterhouse Gulch”.

Check out the full article on The Mad Mackerel and download “Slaughterhouse Gulch” on Soundcloud!

Like the rest of the tracks on Ceilings, Floors, and Open Doors “Slaughterhouse Gulch” was recorded live to capture a truly authentic and raw sound. Moreland’s dreamy voice transports listeners to that cottage at the edge of the gulch looking out the window and staring deep into the forest with wildlife and mystery all around. With each break in the instrumentation the song shifts through the ever changing seasons watching the different stages of life take form before your eyes.

Connect with Gwyneth Moreland on Facebook and BandCamp.

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