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Gwyneth Moreland Embraces Qualities Reminiscent of Sixties Folk Storytellers

Without delay, the warm, full timbre of Gwyneth Moreland’s voice over subtle acoustics will embrace you like a much-needed hug. Moreland along with David Hayes (Van Morrison) on upright bass possess simplicity in their recording that gives the forthcoming album, Ceilings, Floors, and Open Doors out November 18, a very real feel that’s both earthy and fluid. With qualities reminiscent of sixties folk storytellers the album offers minimal string plucks, creaks of the floor, and lo-fi fuzz. It’s honest and humble.

Check out “Pine Box Sailor” on SoundCloud for a sneakpeak of the album.
Ceilings, Floors, and Open Doors is available to download through Digital Servicing.

“Slaughterhouse Gulch” explains the scene of her songwriting for the album in the town she grew up in and draws parallels between cyclical nature of the environment and her creativity. “Little Black Flies” is an account of Moreland’s travels and losing a loved one to distance. You can hear more mountains and less ocean on this track, the instrumentation is simple yet full with just guitar and bass trading glimpses of emotion. The foggy damp bass line and slow churning acoustic strums of “Pine Box Sailor” is about an end result, not just of the album, but of a journey that has brought Moreland through countless pubs, bars and coffee shops.

Ceilings, Floors, and Open Doors was recorded fantastically unadulterated without overdubs and minimal production. Moreland says that they recorded with two microphones and the door open seizing the ambient noise from outside. The folk, Americana sound comes from Moreland herself, but the jazz influences that seep in come from her bassist David Hayes (Van Morrison), who also engineered, mixed, and recorded the album at his home studio, lovingly called “The Shack In The Back”. The melody and time that Hayes brings to the recordings create nuances that highlight the very lyrically based songs, giving them color and breadth.

Connect with Gwyneth Moreland on Facebook and BandCamp.

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