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Gwyneth & Monko Interviews with Songs and Sonics

Wonder what drives the duo behind Gwyneth & Monko's infectious brand of indie folk? Vocalist/guitarist/keyboardist Gwyneth Moreland, and guitarist/bassist/fiddler Michael Monko each answer a few questions with Songs and Sonics. The blog itself is run by multi-instrumentalist Jeff Boller, of The Simple Carnival.

Read Gwyneth Moreland's whole inteview here!

"One of my favorite things is when I think I am saying something in particular in a song, but it turns out that the listener interprets it as something completely different that fits into their own reality."

Read Michael Monko's whole interview here!

"I don’t believe we have ever made a conscious effort to emulate anyone when arranging. It always seems that there is a natural direction every song wants to go and then you follow it. It might sound cliche, but a river follows a natural course, the path of least resistance. I believe that’s what our songs do as well." 

Gwyneth & Monko are on the move in more ways than one. In the past two years alone, they've driven over 60,000 miles and played over 250 shows while living out of their Volkswagon Van and camping out in Walmart Supercenter parking lots as well as driveways of friends and strangers alike. In the fall of 2010, amidst tours to the southwest and northwestern U.S., they were able to fit in time to record at Old School Studio in northern California. Gwyneth & Monko’s self titled album came out Febraury 15, 2011 and reflects the style the pair has cultivated on the road: somewhere between folky acoustic and indie rock.

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