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Guy Capecelatro Talks Travel With Green Light Go

So, ever since Guy Capecelatro III came on to the roster at Green Light Go, he intrigued me. Personally, he's well traveled, having gone through almost the entire United States before he hit the ripe old age of 6. He's published two books. He's also had the chance to share the stage with late, great, indie rock legends Elliott Smith and Vic Chesnutt. If that's not enough to pique your interest, perhaps I'm just simple-minded.

At any rate, Guy was kind enough to endulge my questions. He shares his stories and gives advice for some of his travel necessities. Read the whole interview below, and be sure to check out his latest album, North for the Winter.


You mention traveling through 47 states before the 1st grade. Could you elaborate a little bit on that? How do you think that's influenced how you view travel? 

When I was about four, my mom decided she would leave my dad, grab me up and hitch hike across the country.  It was the tumultuous 70's and people were really re-evaluating how they wanted to live their lives.  We had a lot of crazy adventures those years before she realized that the life we were leading was getting dangerous and sent me back from California to New York to be with my father.  I've got lots of wild memories from that time; of waking up in strange places I'd never been before and seeing more of the country than most do in a lifetime.  Since then I've travelled around the states numerous times and love experiencing the full scope of this country.

What's your favorite place to travel/favorite state? 

The Bay area in California is a particular favorite of mine.  There's always such an amazingly rich and diverse music scene and some of my favorite musical compatriots are still there.  I'm lucky to have recorded several times in San Francisco and Oakland and have performed there numerous times.  Once, while staying in Oakland, I wrote a batch of 8 songs, gathered 4 friends and recorded them all in about 5 hours.  Pretty amazing considering how new the songs were and that we hadn't played in that configuration before.  Another amazing place to play is Austin, Texas.  Again, it's an incredibly deep well of musicians and venues and styles of music.  If you've ever been to SXSW you've seen the whole town open itself up to musicians and musical enthusiast alike.  You'll find bands playing in every conceivable location, from churches, to outdoor parks, to the middle of the street.

Any travel necessities? 

Personally, I love to read while touring.  The last tour I went on was only about a month long and I read 5 books.  There's so much down time and it's really nice to keep your mind engaged.  Also snacks.  Lots and lots of snacks really help and make the travel easy.  Before a 2 month tour, my mom bought a case of Smart Food.  Sadly it was gone before we hit the Mississippi.

Weirdest place you've ever traveled to? 

I'm not sure about weird places; all places that are foreign seem a bit weird in ways.  Ireland was awesome and beautiful and unusual.  The south can sometime strike me as weird in how different it seems.  I guess enjoy embracing the unusual and try to just take it all in as best I can.

Has traveling influenced your music at all? How?

For me the specificity of places really creeps into songs.  Putting a character in a specific location can really effect how they respond to situations.  I think it's important, in telling a story to try and get the details right, even if it's fictional. Of course there's an infinite amount of possibilities when writing creatively but it's important that it rings true and having been lots of places, I believe I'm able to bring that into the song.

What's one spot everyone needs to visit before they die? 

Of the places I've been, Utah was a particular favorite.  The country is so vast and breathtaking and it doesn't seem as though many folks seek it out as a destination.  I'm sure there are wildly exotic locals that are more worthy, but in the US, Utah really deserves consideration.

When you hit the road for a tour or just a vacation, what music do you bring with you? 

Some of my favorite traveling music is not necessarily my favorite music to listen to all the time.  There's something about driving around all the time in a car that demands a full range of sound.  Albums I insist on having with me are MC 900 Ft Jesus' "Welcome to my Nightmare," The Replacement "Let it Be," any Patsy Cline, Brian Eno & David Byrne's "My Life in the Bush of Ghosts," Tricky's "Pre-Millenium Tension," and Talk Talk's "Laughing Stock."

What place has your favorite food out on the road? 

San Francisco certainly has some of the most amazing food I've eaten.  I'm a vegetarian and while touring it can sometimes be tricky getting good food.  The bay area has a great variety of options.  New York, of course, is always staggering, food-wise.  You could spend a year eating out every meal and never run out of options.



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