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Guy Capecelatro III's North for the Winter on Spinner

It's that time again! Guy Capecelatro III's latest album, North for the Winter, hits stores today! Capecelatro joins the likes of indie rock veterans Cursive, as well as up and comers like Young Empires, on this week's AOL Spinner's Full CD Listening Party. In case you haven't had a chance to pick up North for the Winter yet, you can stream it all here this week only!

Are you excited about North for the Winter as much as we are? Let MAGNET know! Vote for Guy Capecelatro III's album here!

With his erudite lyrics, taken more from the literary world than the musical one, Capecelatro writes eighteen sharp vignettes full of lyrical and musical surprises. Drawing on a lifetime of travelling and experience - Capecelatro and his mother travelled through 47 states before he reached first grade - the singer-songwriter has created a collection of songs that are about moving, but in a specific direction. He says of the title, "North for the Winter represents a heading for the hills, a retreating into darkness, a falling away."

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