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Guy Capecelatro III Looks at Valentine's Day Past With "Girlfriends" MP3 Available Now!

Feeling reflective as Valentine's Day approaches? Guy Capecelatro III has the perfect song for your playlist. "Girlfriends," with echoing vocals provided by both Capecelatro and Unbunny's Jarid del Deo and almost reverent organ, is a song that looks back with 20/20 hindsight. "It's about being in one place in the time line of your life and imagining just stepping backward for a moment with a blink of an eye," says Capecelatro. The lyrics create clear images of the old girlfriends; drinking peach schnapps, driving their fathers' cars, and running around barefooted. The final sentiment is a wry one, "Hey all of you who said I wouldn't amount to anything, I'm sorry that I proved you right". Download "Girlfriends" now:

Guy Capecelatro III is a prolific singer-songwriter, musical collaborator and author. He has opened for Low, Smog, Elliot Smith, The Mommyheads, Pearl and the Beard, Vic Chesnutt and has played in many bands over the years, including Unbunny, South China, Toast, Northern, and The Buckets. Capecelatro's songs are folky, utilizing a wide array of unique sounds, instruments and voices. His lyrics are literary and offer clear but fleeting glimpses into many worlds.

North for the Winter, Capecelatro's latest album was recorded in a gymnasium in Loeminster, Massachusetts owned by a 90 year old woman whose father had built it for her as a safe haven in a time when many wealthy children were being kidnapped. Such a storied place is the perfect locale for Capecelatro's songs to be captured. Drawing on a lifetime of travelling and experience- Capecelatro and his mother travelled through 47 states before he reached first grade - the singer-songwriter has created a collection of songs that are about moving, but in a specific direction. He says of the title,"North for the Winter represents a heading for the hills, a retreating into darkness, a falling away." North for the Winter will be released on February 21.


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