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Glide Magazine Premieres Cosmos Sunshine's New Album

With a name like Cosmos Sunshine, there has to be something special there. Glide Magazine definitely took notice of Cosmos Sunshine and his new album Comes With The Fall. This is a rock album for true classic rock fans. 

"Cosmos Sunshine combines thick, bleeding tones, tough riffs and enough blues and garage purism to create a much neededrock revival."


His sound is familiar and remeniscent of timeless rock masterminds, but is still distinctively his own, with his musical influence coming from growing up on a hippie- like commune in Connecticut. He has brought the prosperous genre of classic rock to the modern day.


"Comes With The Fall in its entirety a whirling dervish space rock album that makes for one of 2018’s true gems."


Take a step back in time and listen to the album for yourself and check out the full premiere from Glide Magazine here.


To see what Cosmos Sunshine is up to make sure to like him on Facebook, and for your listening pleasure you can also follow him on Spotify


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