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GLG Fresh MP3 Friday Jenee Halstead & The Appleseed Collective

Be the first to post Jenee Halstead's newly released single "Raised by Wolves" off her forthcoming third release of the same title, due out August 13. Her charming soprano voice drives home a message of strength while healing old wounds.

Everyone carries baggage with them or has a skeleton in their closet, but the people that can rise up above life's trying times and move forward are the ones that can begin to heal. Jenee Halstead, who experienced abuse as a child has begun the healing process by recording this song. "I had a realization or epiphany one day that came over me like a peaceful wave that only lasted a second," Halstead said. "There was a warm thought that said to me that no one could ever hurt me that way I had been hurt in the past and that anything I experience as an adult was my choice and ultimately I was not a victim."


A delightful mix of folk, bluegrass, and gypsy jazz paint a picture known as The Appleseed Collective. Check out their newly released single "Mani," which will surely keep your toe tapping. From the washboards rhythmic cadence to Sophie Tulips sweet, animated vocals "Mani" is a definite repeat listen. Find it on their debut album, Baby to Beast, due out July 17.



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