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Anabot puts her spin on the ever-popular Japandroids song, "The House That Heaven Built." Analise Nelson may have trimmed some of the loud factor, but her sultry jazz vocals maintain the spirit and passion of the Japandroids. There is no mimicking here, Anabot definitely added her own flavor and fashioned an incredible cover.



For fans of:  Niki & the Dove, Regina Spektor, Metric
Genre:  Electronic/Pop/Rock
Song: "The House That Heaven Built" (Japandroids Cover)
Song: "I Am Not Afraid of the Dark" from Anabot
Release Date:  June 12, 2012 





Fallon CushFallon Cush's new single "Foever After" is best summed up by frontman Steve Smith who explains "Individually we're nowhere near as good as when we're together." The song pours through metaphors in an effort to explain how you could be better with the influence of another. "Forever After" has a bit of a leisure pace that is perfect for your summer fling.

Fallon Cush
For fans of: Tom Petty, Bob Dylan, Jay Farrar
Genre: Americana 
Song:  "Forever After" from April 
Release Date:  June 12, 2012


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