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GLG February Monthly Playlist: Tough Love

Green Light Go continues with our fresh series of monthly Spotify playlists. "Tough Love" is entirely comprised of artists that have been featured on the UK music site, DrunkenWerewolf, including GLG's own Steph Barrak. This playlist is centered around all things love; whether it be a positive boost of beats to please a romantic heart, or a tune regarding the trials and troubles that come with a relationship. Whether you celebrate the Day of Love or not, this selection aims to please.

Track Listing:

  1. Lupo (Single Edit) - Cairobi
  2. Edge of Town - Middle Kids
  3. Like You Predicted - Steph Barrak
  4. Quicksand - Two Legs, Katie and I
  5. Public Display of Affection - EAT FAST
  6. Never Again - Steph Barrak
  7. Swallow Your Pride - Rhys
  8. Weave - Inca Maps
  9. Effortless - Sabina Ddumba
  10. Come Around - Gemology
  11. So Familiar - Steph Barrak
  12. Romantic Mood - Flower Girl
  13. Hold Me Close - Overcoats
  14. Bad Habits - Steph Barrak


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