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Four of Green Light Go Publicity’s indie bands will be gracing stages all over Austin next week during SXSW. Grand Atlantic, Lawrence & Leigh, Baby Teardrops, Cowboy and Indian and Golden Bloom will play a total of seventeen shows for the 25th South By Southwest Music festival.

Grand Atlantic publicity photoGrand Atlantic

Genre: Brit Pop, Power Pop

For fans of: My Bloody Valentine, Teenage Fanclub, Dandy Warhols

Approved mp3, “Poison to the Vine”

SXSW Performances

Tuesday, 3/15/11 Dart Music International House - Austin, TX @6:00 PM

Wednesday, 3/16/11 Aussie’s Grill & Beach Bar - Austin, TX @7:15 PM

Thursday, 3/17/11 Paisley Underground SXSW Day Party @ Spiderhouse - Austin, TX @2:30 PM

Friday, 3/18/11 Dancing in the Moonlight SXSW Day Party @ Jovita's (1619 South First St.)- Austin, TX @11:15 PM

Saturday, 3/19/11 B.D Reily's - Austin, TX @1:10 PM


Lawrence and LeighLawrence & Leigh

Genre: Folk/Experimental/Indie Rock

For fans of: Joanna Newsom, Dirty Projectors, Fleet Foxes

Approved mp3, “Chelsea Nights”

Approved mp3, “Heeled Shoes”

SXSW Performances

Thursday, 3/17/11 Everything Independent Party @ Revolution Bar - Austin, TX (Show Time: 5 PM Indoor Stage)




Baby Teardrops publicity photo

Baby Teardrops

Genre: Grunge/Pop/Rock

For fans of: The Pixies, The New Pornographers

 Approved mp3, “Banged in the Heart”

SXSW Performances

Saturday, 3/19/11 Midcoast Takeover Party @ The Liberty - Austin, TX (Show Time: 7:30 PM)


Golden Bloom publicitiy photoGolden Bloom

 Genre: Indie/rock/pop

For Fans of: Ben Kweller, Wilco (Summerteeth Era)

Approved mp3, “Doomsday Devices”

Approved mp3, “E.H.M.”

Approved mp3, “Doomsday Devices” from Ruby Isle Remix:

SXSW Performances

(Solo shows)

Wednesday, 3/16/11 The Beatles Complete on Ukulele SXSW Day Party @ Jo's Coffee - Austin, TX @ 1:00 PM

Saturday, 3/19/11 Smoke & Sand Day Party @ Rusty Spurs(405 E. 7th St.) – Austin, TX @2PM

Sunday, 3/20/11 @ Ham Jam House - Austin, TX


Cowboy and Indian Publicity PhotoCowboy and Indian

Genre: Rock/Folk

For Fans of: Leopold and His Fiction, The Carter Family, Johnny Cash and June Carter, Johnny & Jenny

Approved mp3, “Ledbellies”

SXSW Performances

Tuesday, 3/15/11 The Ghost Room, SXSW Showcase, Austin, TX @9:15 PM

Thursday, 3/17/11 Betsy’s Bar, Austin, TX, Paperboat Music/ Harris Radio Day Party @5:50 PM

Thursday, 3/17/11 Gueros, Austin, TX @2:00 PM

Thursday, 3/17/11 Botticelli’s, Austin TX @8:00 PM

Friday, 3/18/11 Hotel Vegas, Austin, TX @8:00 PM - Bold Love Stage

Saturday, 3/19/11 Romeo’s, Austin, TX @5:50 PM

Sunday,3/20/11 The Art of Giving at Ballet Austin, Austin, TX 12-2 PM

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