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Getaway Dogs Releases New Indie Folk Video for, "Excuses/Opinions"

Bay area indie band Getaway Dogs reveal the new video for “Excuses/Opinions” off their recently released album Lost In The Ebb. Brazilian fingerstyle guitar and melodic future-soul jazz combine with surf rock and a hip-hop backbone to show an internal struggle brought to life.

A woman in rags and her inner demon in pearls sit down for dinner. As the woman struggles, paralysed above a full plate of food, her counterpart feasts – smiling with feet on the table, and sniffing the wine to ensure it’s not sour. The scene culminates in a ruthless food fight turn psychedelic dance breakthrough, with the demon laying reduced in the shadows of the freed woman. We then transition from burning colors to bright beach where the two meet again and, in a moment of near agreeance, disappear in parallel beneath the waves. If one or both arise is for the viewer to decide.

The video is in a strange yet satisfying harmony with the song: its swirling, hypnotic shots play behind a chorus of changing chord progressions, consistent backbeat, echoes and reverb, and a plucking guitar both sweet and menacing. This is a song and story as colorful and animalistic as we humans are.

Soundcloud link to single: “Excuses/Opinions” MP3
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Watch the video here.

About Getaway Dogs
Getaway Dogs is the brainchild of Kai Killion. Prior to this band, Killion made one solo album called Mermaid Legs & Getaway Dogs (2013), where the band name was born. In combination with Samantha Stone, Mikey Whalen, Lucas Heinel, Elliott Kay, and Andrew Dreher, the group recently released their debut album Lost In The Ebb on August 19.

Tour Dates

10/13/16 Hotel Utah, San Francisco

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