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Gangstagrass Redefines American Roots in No Depression


MC and Rench live shotRench, the innovative producer behind the bluegrass/hip-hop band, Gangstagrass, sits down with No Depression to talk about influences, staying true to ones roots and the importance of feeling in music.

A daring blend of innovative modern swagger and classic Americana cool, Gangstagrass' sophomore album Rappalachia bridges the gap between two classic American genres: hip hop and country. "I know that, aside from the people who say “I like country and I hate hip-hop” or “I like hip-hop but I hate country,” those appear to be the extreme cases. There are a lot of people out there who have Johnny Cash and Jay-Z on the playlists on their iPod," says Rench. There aren't many bands who can define an entire genre of music the way Gangstagrass has and will continue to do. 

Check out these free mp3s off Rappalachia Here  

Check out Gangstagrass' full interview with No Depression Here  


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