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Gangstagrass' Rappalachia hits #43 on Hip Hop and #48 on Country Charts

A mere two days after the release of their genre-bending LP, Rappalachia, Gangstagrass hit #43 in Hip Hop and Rap downloads AND #48 in Country downloads on Their blend of bluegrass and hip-hop is bringing those genres and fans of them together in a big way.

And don't forget that you can try it before you buy it over on AOL Spinner's Full CD Listening Party. But be quick about it, the album stream is only available until the end of this week.

Rappalachia Track Listing
1. Gunslinging Rambler featuring R-SON
2. Honey Babe featuring Brandi Hart and Nitty Scott MC
3. Shoot Dem featuring T.O.N.E-z
4. Our Life featuring Aint No Love
5. Red Sky Morning featuring Nitty Scott MC
6. Rappalachia 6
7. Aint No Stopping featuring Dolio The Sleuth
8. Down By The River, Down By The Sea featuring David E Beats
9. Country Blues featuring Brandi Hart and Nitty Scott MC
10. Western featuring Kool Keith
11. Bound To Ride featuring R-SON and Dolio The Sleuth
12. No Going Back featuring BROOKLYN35
13. Crossbow
14. Dollar Boss featuring Dead Prez and Kamara Thomas
15. Till My Last Shot featuring T.O.N.E-z and Jen Larson

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