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Gangstagrass and Rench Make MAGNET A Mix Tape

Ever wonder what inspires Emmy-nominated, mash-up masters Gangstagrass? Founder Rench shares a few of his favorite tunes with MAGNET Magazine for Make MAGNET A Mix Tape. As expected, any band that can blend together classic country and bluegrass instrumentation, with a modern, hip hop twist has to have quite a diverse taste in music. 

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From MAGNET: "Despite living in a world where new genres of music are being invented seemingly every day, Brooklyn-based project Gangstagrass still managed to come out of left field. The band takes opposite ends of the musical spectrum, hip hop and bluegrass, and combines them to create something that is, against all odds, completely new and insanely ear-friendly. You can hear it for yourself when the cleverly titled Rappalachia comes out June 5. The mix tape band founder Rench made for us below is made up of a very diverse collection of artists. We can’t say we’re surprised."

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