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Gangstagrass and BoingBoing world premiere of "Gunslinging Rambler"

Hip Hop Hoedown. Hick Hop. Hickster. In an era of remixes and mash ups, you can call it what you want, but Gangstagrass are turning heads with their unique blend of rapped vocals and bluegrass instrumentation. In addition to crafting the theme song for FX's hit show Justified, and being nominated for an Emmy for it, Gangstagrass picked up their fiddles, banjoes, and turntables, and performed "Gunslinging Rambler" live at Southpaw in Brooklyn, NY. This song is just one of many off their anticipated album, Rappalachia.

You can watch the video here at BoingBoing, or perhaps even chime in on some of the conversation! Let us know what you think of their performance!

And if you can't get enough of "Gunslinging Rambler", you can head here for a free download of the single!

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