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From South Central Streets Comes The Funky Beats Of Autumn In June’s Enticing New Single “IDK”.

Hip hop beats, svelte vocals, and a crescendo of drums. It may be a simply constructed symphony but the inspiration behind Autumn in June’s new indietronica single “IDK” goes much deeper. Beginning with the skeleton of the song, Autumn in June (AIJ) builds “IDK” up from the bare bones of a rhythmic beat and gentle vocals. As the song progresses, the lyrics become wrought with emotion, backed by intensified drum beats, delving into the meat, the muscle tissue if you will, of the single.

“IDK” is about those things that go wrong in life - those “I can’t catch a break; the whole world is against me” days. AIJ was having one of these days when he sat down at his keyboard and composed this song in one evening. A few weeks prior, he had been watching a show about a country where people go to legally commit suicide. A man suffering with Alzheimer’s had traveled there to end his life so that he would not be a burden on his family as his condition got worse. This man and his story stuck with AIJ, prompting him to write a small poem and hang it on his bedroom wall where he puts all of his most depressing and motivational thoughts.

It was this poem that he glanced at while sitting at his keyboard on that gloomy day. As he worked through melodies, the lyrics flowed out, confessing that life is a struggle. In AIJ’s words, “Things will always go wrong in life, but you have to keep on trying. If you don’t you will truly lose hope and just go about life feeling empty inside.” This cogent idea is wrapped in lulling synths and a funky beat, leaving you far from thinking “IDK”, positive that you know you want more.

Listen to “IDK” on InYourSpeakers here.

Autumn in June’s self-titled album (due out 9/16) tears apart the rule book of what music from ghettoized communities is supposed to be. Combining stories of inner-city poverty and gang culture with mellow electronic synths, the outcome is a stream of hard-hitting lyrics, diverse sounds and raw passion. To ensure all songs are genuine, Autumn In June doesn’t simply write lyrics, but rather freestyles over the melodies he’s created.

With uncompromising lyrics and a desire to stay true to his urban roots, Autumn in June is using music to forge a path of innovation, breaking the mold of what is expected.

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