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Fresh on The Net Features Belle of the Fall


Fresh Faves: Batch 274 is hot off the press and features the indie-folk duo, Belle of the Fall

The way this song has lodged itself in my brain over the past few days has been extraordinary. The Indie Folk duo have worked up a gem of a piece characterised by irresistible melodies and increasing layers of lovely harmony and vocal overlaps. It’s all accompanied by a delicious cocktail of strings, banjo, acoustic guitar and upright bass.

The review draws comparisons to musical greats such as Simon & Garfunkle, Fleet Foxes, and the Beatles

There are no breaks in the continuous momentum here. It just builds at its own pace and burrows deeper and deeper into the listener’s sub-conscience. In a perfect world this would be No 1 in about 14 countries across the world.

You can read the full review by going here, and don't forget to follow Belle of the Fall on Facebook, and Twitter. Their upcoming album, Rise Up, is due out April 6 on Sonic Trepanation Records. 


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