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Fresh MP3 Friday: Red Bull and Black Friday

If you’re a Black Friday shopper, then you will need a considerable amount of Red Bull (personally, I prefer Monster), in your system, being that some stores are opening at midnight on Thanksgiving

Before you draw a short temper, download these tunes to get you through holiday frenzy. Happy shopping!

Public Jones
For fans of: MGMT, DOM, Gorillaz
Genre: Indie/Electronic/Garage
Song: Alright”  from The Fall
Song: Jingle Bells  
Release Date:  Jan. 10, 2012








Lachi and Meridian Gold
For fans of: Corinne Bailey Rae
Genre: Rock/Soul
Song: Bug Out” from Bug Out
Song: Such A Fool” from Bug Out









Ed Hale and the Transcendence
For fans of: Broken Social Scene, Pink Floyd, Ziggy Stardust
Genre: Collective/Concept
Song:  “Blind Eye” from All Your Heroes Become Villains
Song:  “Solaris” from All Your Heroes Become Villains
Song:Here It Comes” from All Your Heroes Become Villains
Release Date: Nov. 15, 2011





i am Love 
For fans of: The Decemberists, M. Ward, Arcade Fire
Genre: Americana/Folk 
Song: “Truest” from Truest 7”
Release Date: Dec. 5, 2011




Ex Norwegian
For fans of: Sloan, Superchunk, The Kinks
Genre: Powerpop/Indie Rock
Song:  Girl With The Moustachefrom Sketch
Song: Seconds” from Sketch
Song: Upper Hand” from Sketch
Release Date: Nov. 15, 2011




The Valery Trails
For fans of: Yo La Tengo, Bob Mould 
Genre: Britpop
Song: “Horizon” from Ghosts and Gravity 
Release Date:  Feb. 7, 2012







For fans of: Cat Power, Fiona Apple, The Pierces
Genre: Singer/Songwriter/Folk
Song:  Draw Me In” from The Triples: Volume 1
Song: On The Range” from The Triples: Volume 1
Release Date: Nov. 08, 2011


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