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Fresh MP3 Friday Fights Fear and Uncertainty with Kyle Adem's New Single "Armour"

Be the first to download Kyle Adem's newly released single, "Armour" off his forthcoming LP, of the same name, due out July 24 on Ghost Motel Records.   


Though this song sounds musically simple with some lap steel guitar and a repetitive childlike melody, lyrically it is full of uncertainty and fear. "Now I am shaking in my armour, but fortunately my father is very brave," Adem sings. "The Sentiment that we're all secretly terrified seemed like a good one to share." Armour may be resilient, but not impervious to life's fears. Download "Armour" now! 


Kyle Adem
For fans of:  Manchester Orchestra, Conor Oberst, The Mountain Goats
Genre: Alt Folk
Song:  "Armour" from armour
Release Date:  July 24, 2012





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