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Fresh MP3 Friday Does Tough Decisions and Coping with Loss

Be the first to post The Bergamot's first single, "Amy"
off their upcoming release, Static Flowers.

You cannot help those that are reluctant to be helped. A tough blow to endure and one that Nathan Hoff of The Bergamot has come to terms with in their single, "Amy," an emotionally exposed and honest depiction of love and death. Prompted by the tragic loss of Amy Winehouse, Hoff wrote the song in reflection of the death of his uncle, who struggled with alcoholism. "This is a song about the other person sitting on the other side of the table," Hoff said. "That I feel is the real message, you can do everything right by the textbook, but in the end it is their final decision that will decide the fate of their life." Download "Amy" here!



The Bergamot
For fans of:  Counting Crows, Elizabeth & the Catapult, Grace Potter and the Nocturnals
Genre: Americana 
Song:  "Amy" from Static Flowers
Release Date:  July 24, 2012
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Be the first to post Kyle Adem's third single, "Sunlight & the Sea" off his upcoming release, armour., due out July 24 through Ghost Motel Records.

As you hesitate in front of the proverbial fork in the road, you are plagued with the decision of which direction you should travel? Kyle Adem faces this decision in his single "Sunlight & the Sea" with a sense of urgency in his strumming and an arresting grittiness to his voice. "This song is wholly autobiographical and depicts me leaving Christianity beautifully and accurately: I left with a prayer on my lips and desperation in my heart," Adem explains. Download "Sunlight & the Sea" here!



Kyle Adem
For fans of:  Manchester Orchestra, Conor Oberst, The Mountain Goats
Genre: Alt Folk 
Song:  "Sunlight & The Sea" from armour.
Release Date:  July 24, 2012
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