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Flagship Romance Announces August 4 Album Release

The upcoming release from Florida duo Flagship Romance consists of songs that were pointedly and subliminally inspired by their quest to overcome and face corrosive fears and make amends with a guarded past. Tales From the Self-Help Section is due out August 4 on the grassroots label Gatorbone Records. The first single, “Growing Up So Fast” is available as an approved downloadable mp3.

It all started in a truck stop parking lot when Flagship Romance member, Shawn Fisher first learned Universal Republic was dropping his former band. When they finally got the call from the label, the band was elated. After the mind-numbing experience and constant setbacks, this was welcome news. Unfortunately the legal battle that ensued left a wake of depression and anxiety. It was not until Fisher met his now wife and musical soul mate, Jordyn Jackson, that things would turn around. The two quickly hit it off but, each having a background in music that started in their early teens, were hesitant to invest their passion into a new journey. Call it fate, call it love, or simply call it luck, but Flagship Romance was born. Fisher and Jackson live, work, and annually travel tens of thousands of miles, deeply in love with each other and the process of bringing their music to people.

Lyrically, Tales From the Self-Help Section is a walking dichotomy often disguising personal themes of stress and anxiety with an uplifting and infectious melody. The album combines fluent, intense acoustic guitar playing, lyrics of life’s wonders, soaring, yearning vocals, tender melodies, and harmonies one could barely separate with a single human hair. “Scare Yourself” is a high energy message that encourages listeners to step out of their comfort zone, push their threshold, and live life to the fullest. “Nemesis” is a battle with anxiety in the wake of Hurricane Matthew. This cathartic release ended up becoming a raw, full-fledged, in-depth song about how we all tend to be our own worst enemy. 

“Growing Up So Fast” follows the album’s theme. Sonically, the song has a childlike playful curiosity that draws listeners in with whistles and cheerful vocal melodies. Yet, the upbeat music conceals a stronger message. Fisher explains, “We are born and given a finite amount of time to make the most out of our lives, where tomorrow is never guaranteed. We all go through a wide spectrum of experiences; stratospheric highs, followed by painful blows. In those darker moments, our natural instinct is to put up emotionally-charged mental walls. This song says that those barricades end up preventing you from being present and experiencing all that life has to offer.”

Tales From the Self-Help Section Track Listing

  1. Friends
  2. Growing Up So Fast
  3. Lemonade
  4. Caught Up 
  5. If I Can’t Break Your Heart
  6. Naive
  7. Scare Yourself
  8. Garden
  9. Life Is A Song 
  10. Big Sur
  11. Buddha’s Backyard
  12. Nemesis

About Flagship Romance

Flagship Romance is husband and wife duo Shawn Fisher and Jordyn Jackson. They have been playing music together since 2013 and each have more than 10 years of music industry experience. They released The Fudge Sessions (EP) in 2013, followed by and album and DVD documentary called Fee Fie Foh Fum in 2014. Flagship Romance has opened up for the Goo Goo Dolls, Andrew McMahon, and Kellie Pickler. The duo was awarded the “2014 Artist of the Year” award by the ‘Concerts In Your House’ concert network, and were selected as an official showcase artist at the International Folk Alliance Conference in both 2016 and 2017.

Since 2011, Fisher and Jackson have been teaming up with the organization charity: water in New York City. The organization provides safe, clean drinking water to the 663 million people in the world who do not have access to it. The duo organized and ran a music festival called the Clean Water Music Fest for four years which has raised over $125,000 to further the cause.

Tour Dates

06.01 The Junction At Monroe , Tallahassee, FL
06.02 The Historic Thomas Center, Gainesville, FL
06.08 Lula's Coffee, Florence, SC
06.14 Isis Music Hall, Asheville, NC
06.26 Rooftop At The Providence G Hotel, Providence, RI
06.28 The Studio At Webster Hall , New York, NY
07.26 The Yardarm, Racine, WI
07.29 Green Guitar Folk House, Lenexa, KS
08.06 ABODE, Witchita, KS
08.11 The Back Room, Westcliffe, CO
08.15 Bell Tower Cultural Center, Florence, CO
08.16 Vail Public Library, Vail , CO
08.17 Silver Star Cafe, Park City, UT
08.24 The Nicolaysen Art Museum , Casper, WY
08.30 Stonefly Lounge, Coram, MT
08.31 Lewis & Clark Brewery, Helena, MT
09.08 Bluhouse Café, North Vancouver,
09.29 Fiddlers Crossing, Tehachapi, CA
11.01 Taos Inn, Taos, NM
11.16 Anderson Fair, Houston, TX


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