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Film Jacket 35 Announces January 20 'Limbo Mind & Infected Cells' Album Release

Forged in the fires of a nation’s economic and social unrest, Film Jacket 35, the lo-fi garage duo from Athens, Greece, set out to bring an impulsive, furious perception of sounds and melodies to a disenchanted culture. Their debut album, Limbo Mind & Infected Cells, combines the heavily reverbed vintage guitar sound of 60’s San Francisco, with a gritty backdrop and flammable sunny beats that echo the tension that was dominating their mood and attitude. The album is due out January 20 on Body Blows Records. The first single, “Angkor Wat” is available as an approved downloadable mp3.

The men behind Film Jacket 35 met while studying Economics and Regional Development Science at an Athens university. Jam D. and John Skevis realized the only way they could cope with the shady situation of their hometown was by playing music. They began rehearsing in the basement of an old factory warehouse that manufactured women’s shoes. Cramped amongst a collection of cinema equipment of Skevis’ father, their dusty drum set was hidden next to a pile of iron lids from old 35 mm films. It was only a matter of time before they’d grab one of the iron jackets to create additional percussion to become a definitively and dominant Film Jacket 35 sound.

Limbo Mind & Infected Cells deals with more than just an economic crisis. The duo explains, “We are influenced from things you see around when you walk in the streets – like homelessness, poverty, and violence. People are losing their money, jobs, and even their homes every single day. When you live in such a small society, it all becomes a part of you. It's even worse if you consider the uncertainty that prevails everywhere in Greece and the possibility that all of this might knock on your own door.”

The album’s unhinged melodies feel so electric that the buzz of amplifiers seems to jump from basement to earbud. It’s easy to imagine driving down a psychedelic coastline in 1960s California at the height of surf rock. The single, “Angkor Wat” is about an old church in an abandoned nineteenth century village near the sacred city of Missolonghi in Greece. It is a place where the duo used to visit with friends to find serenity, or to do things that some parents and doctors might not approve of. This rebellious attitude and sun-drenched sound can be heard as a common thread throughout as Film Jacket 35 step out of the garage and into the forefront.

Limbo Mind & Infected Cells Track Listing

  1. Cameron Dee
  2. Waiting For A Way Out
  3. River
  4. Angkor Wat
  5. Baby Bleeder
  6. Down
  7. Choked On My Ego
  8. Beach Riot
  9. Polythene Pam (Beatles cover)
  10. Georgia
  11. Indians From A Faraway Land
  12. Voodoo Monkey
  13. Names

About Film Jacket 35

Film Jacket 35 was formed in Athens, Greece in 2014 by friends Jam D. and John Skevis. They released their self-titled EP shortly after. The band has been featured in publications such as Impose Magazine. Their debut album, Limbo Mind & Infected Cells, features music recorded by John Vulgaris (Bazooka, Acid Baby Jesus), who also plays bass on four of the tracks.

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