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Film Jacket 35 Announce Single, "Something You Should Do"

The new indie rock single from Athens, Greece trio, Film Jacket 35, lays two options face up on the table. Either sit back and watch stress pile up into an uncontrollable mountain of anxiety or tear the pile down, rip it into shreds and toss it out the car window on a spontaneous adventure. “Something You Should  Do” shifts the vehicle in drive with punchy, upbeat instrumentation. Brisk chord progressions drive the song forward, the burning rubber shamelessly passing by each nuance of life standing alone on the side of the road. The single unapologetically leaves all self-loathing in the dust and is out for release on February 20.

Sometimes the harshness of realities bite is enough to leave a permanent scar. The overall message behind “Something You Should Do” is that happiness is a matter of choice, and those scars are purely cosmetic. Its theme serves up encouragement and hopefulness on a silver platter as glossy, beaming guitar licks shine in presentation. A vigorous drum beat slingshots bullets of energy as sharp, animating “oohs” cheer from the backdrop. The lively instrumentation was intentional when recording the single. Its cheerful melody fuels the mind to remember its most pleasurable moments, where happiness takes full power. Lyrically, “Something You Should Do” faces up to reality, not ignoring the hardships that arise day to day. However, the darker tones of cynicism are colored over with vibrant, inviting hues that attract from even a far distance.


About Film Jacket 35

Film Jacket 35 formed in 2014 while mired in the middle of a country with deep economic and social unrest. Dimitris Tzamouzantonis (guitar/ vocals) and John Skevis (drums) realized the only way they could cope with the shady situation of their hometown was by playing music. Cramped amongst a collection of cinema equipment of Skevis’ father, their dusty drum set was hidden next to a pile of iron lids from old 35mm films. They grabbed one of the iron jackets to create additional percussion which became a definitively and dominant Film Jacket 35 sound. What began rehearsing in the basement of an old factory warehouse that manufactured women’s shoes turned into their first album, Limbo Mind & Infected Cells, which was released January 2017 on Body Blows Records in Greece. After a mini tour in Europe and Greece in 2017, Film Jacket 35 continue to compose and record new material in the old factory, which has now become The Patari Artistic Space, using nothing but their own collective resources. As a result, A Zombie came out in September 2018 in order to set the stage for the upcoming album in Spring.


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