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Fallon Cush Releases “Honey Honey” Free MP3 Available Now

Spring sees the renewal of many things. For Fallon Cush’s aptly titled second album, April, renewal comes in the form of relationships. Fallon Cush's first single "Honey Honey" from their Americana-tinged album, April is the perfect song about reigniting the spark. With an intimate, almost crooning voice, frontman Steve Smith sings, “Honey Honey why’d you kiss me short,” a poetic line that signals there might be trouble. With lively piano, rolling percussion and ringing guitar, “Honey Honey” moves on from the opening line toward reconciliation. Download “Honey Honey” now!

“Honey Honey” is just one fresh-start song on a whole album dealing with renewal. While Fallon Cush’s  first record dealt with a broken relationship, singer-songwriter Steve Smith is looking for inspiration elsewhere these days. “The record is really about reconciliation, fresh starts, tearing down walls, and building bridges,” claims Smith.  

Fallon Cush wasn't meant to be a band, or at least not at first. Smith had a few songs centered around a failed relationship and the resulting fall-out. The songs ended up defining Fallon Cush's warm and emotionally wide-ranging self-titled debut album, which wasmet with praise from fans and critics alike. Jersey Beat’s Jim Testa said of the album, “Good pop music, a wise man once said, accomplishes the tricky balancing act of being both instantly familiar and yet original...Steve Smith and his mates, manages just that, invoking influences as diverse as Elvis Costello, Squeeze, the Byrds, and early Rod Stewart.”

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