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Fallon Cush Announces May 20 Album Release

Sydney band, Fallon Cush, announces the release of their latest album, Bee In Your Bonnet, due out May 20. The first single “Useless Friend” is available as an approved downloadable mp3. On the upcoming album, Fallon Cush creates a rich organic landscape. Striving to achieve that elusive combination of hook-laden songcraft and organic, timeless musicality Fallon Cush has crafted a classic sound made for vinyl.

“Useless Friend” starts with a casual intent building into a modern country rock take on an eternal theme. With a chorus to drive to, killer solo from Glen Hannah and lush backing vocals from Suzy Goodwin and Stephanie Grace the track highlights the band’s winningly, warm and harmonic sound in a song that, like the rest of the album, was not without its problems while recording. Broken bones, illness, gear lost in transit and conflicting schedules all lead to delays in completing the track and album.

There is an overriding lyrical theme of loss on Bee In Your Bonnet‒loss of loved ones, opportunity, youth, potential loss, and what might or might not come next. Songwriter Steve Smith says, “The consequences of loss often remain and can become bees in people’s bonnets without them realizing.” The album deals with this and approaches its tough subject matter in a therapeutic way. Songs like “Biggest Show” talk about the passing of Smith’s mother who passed away as he was on a plane ride home. Other songs like “For Too Long” reflect on understanding when it’s time for a change. But through loss there is often self-discovery, like in “The Honeycomb” which is a metaphor for everything built together, whether beautiful or not, and not wanting to have it any other way.

Bee In Your Bonnet Track Listing

  1. There’s A Dark Side To That Moon
  2. Less You’re Near
  3. Kings Ransom
  4. Useless Friend
  5. For Too Long
  6. Dorothy
  7. The Honeycomb
  8. Haunting
  9. Bee In Your Bonnet
  10. Biggest Show

About Fallon Cush

After a 2011 debut and 2012’s follow-up April, Fallon Cush, of Sydney, Australlia have found an organic and natural sound on their latest release, Bee In Your Bonnet, due out spring of 2016. The band has been featured in outlets like American Songwriter and CMT. The album was recorded, mixed and co-produced by Chris Vallejo (Passenger, Empire of the Sun) and mastered by Stephen Marcussen (Gillian Welch and David Rawlings, Dawes, The Decemberists, Leonard Cohen). Fallon Cush is Steve Smith (vocals, guitar), Glen Hannah (guitar), Scott Aplin (keys) and Josh Schuberth (drums, bass) with backing vocalists Suzy Goodwin and Stephanie Grace.

Australian Tour Dates

13 May, Lazybones Lounge, Marrickville (Record Release Show)

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