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Neil Holyoak Releases Dreamy Americana Album Rags Across the Sun (Out 9/9)

Neil Holyoak releases dreamy alt-country album, Rags Across the Sun, 9/9 on Epitonic Records.

Rags Across the Sun showcases Neil Holyoak’s poetic voice, using surrealistic language and sweet, lilting melodies to cast in a new light stories that all listeners can relate to, whether it be a tale of jealous lovers and unfulfilled desire, or of communing with nature in the company of a friend.

Stream the album here on For Folk's Sake.

As a young boy, Holyoak once had a fever that caused him to hallucinate while listening to old Irish rebel ballads. According to him, this moment of hallucination opened the doors to an elemental sense of music that he would carry with him into adulthood. It became a touchstone for him when writing and performing his songs. Holyoak’s complex background offers up a rich variety of sources to draw upon as inspiration for his creative process. His influences include French Symbolist poetry, outlaw country, and Malian and Ethiopian blues.

A major inspiration for Holyoak on this album was ‘70s-era California country and folk artists like Townes Van Zandt and Judee Sill. Holyoak explains, “I like the way these songwriters create dreamy and hazy textures, and their ways of singing about the harshness of life in a gentle and sublime way.” Neil’s songwriting begins with true life experiences, raw and exposed, and attempts to work through the aspects of the experiences that are the most opaque and irreconcilable.

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