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Emmy-Nominated Gangstagrass Invited to Play DO512 Day Party at DO512 Lounge on Thursday, March 15

Gangstagrass DO512 Day Party
Thursday, March 15, 2012
DO512 Lounge
2208 S. Lamar, Austin, TX

Emmy-nominated pioneers of blending urban and rural music, Gangstagrass, have been invited to the DO512 Day Party at the DO512 Lounge on Thursday, Mar. 15. Stay tuned to for updates!

Gangstagrass and Justified have a long, fruitful relationship. The show's theme song, "Long Hard Times to Come" received an Emmy nomination for Outstanding Original Main Title Theme Music, and several other Gangstagrass songs have been featured in the series. The band's upcoming album, Rappalachia, goes beyond the show's soundtrack. "This record is a shout out to Appalachia, the cradle of bluegrass culture," says Rench, creator of Gangstagrass.  "It's rooted in the sounds of traditional mountain music and presents Gangstagrass as a band with independent existence, not just one sound tied to a TV show."

While the future is unwritten, it's certain that Gangstagrass will go down in history as the pioneer of a sound that brought country and hip hop together and helped desegregate America's music charts. "Right now, people treat rural and urban American music like they are matter and anti-matter," Rench concludes. "I'm hoping a good dose of Gangstagrass will get people past the blue-state/red-state thing and make them comfortable with purple. I want to provide the soundtrack for a wave of cultural miscegenation that will let us all party together at last."

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