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Emmeline Announces March 15 Album

RISE, the new album from Dallas- based singer-songwriter, Emmeline, races alongside an emotional stampede with piano-driven force, breaking down the barriers of vulnerability along the way. Each song on the album builds with instrumentation and lyrical meaning, the two elements amplifying one another as they charge forth on a cathartic mission for truth and understanding. Emmeline’s existential, yet introspective songwriting puts RISE on pursuit to make sense of the world and its complex themes. RISE is available for streaming March 15.

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Each song on RISE sings with its own distinct voice. The discoveries are endless, and the listener hears different stories each time a track is explored. Extensive production sets the album apart from Emmeline’s previous releases. Like “Superheroes,” and “Empire,” the instrumentation on the album builds and grows with an outpouring of emotions in times where one feels like they are truly being tested by the world. Five years in the making, RISE wasn’t completed without hindrance. Finishing the album felt like spraining an ankle in the last seconds of the race and limping determinedly towards the finish line.  This perseverance permeates every track and ultimately inspired the album’s title. Emmeline states, “This record is about getting past your pain by working through it and realizing that there is so much joy on the other side.”


RISE Track Listing


  1. Empire

  2. If You Can’t Love Me

  3. Rapunzel

  4. Superheroes

  5. Orlando

  6. Reasons

  7. On Your Side

  8. Stop The World

  9. Lead With The Hands

  10. I Will Wait

  11. Something More

About Emmeline

Emmeline is a singer-songwriter from Dallas, Texas who began her career as a pianist at age four. Her extensive classical training is what has her acclaimed as a "piano-centered Joni Mitchell" by Dallas's revered Ghost of Blind Lemon. Having honed her live skills in venues such as Dallas’s legendary Opening Bell Coffee, and the House of Blues, Emmeline has developed a stage presence as intimate and personal as the stories told in her musical repertoire. Consisting of four EPs, Early Morning Hours (2010), Someone to Be (2011), Ramblings and Rarities: The Live EP (2012), Beautiful Scars (2013,) and her upcoming album, RISE, out March 2019, Emmeline writes or co-writes every song under her name.

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