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Emily Curtis Releases Empowering “Battleshade” Video

Emily Curtis releases the triumphant and resilient music video for her debut single, “Battleshade”. The video depicts strength, perseverance, and an essential thread of self-acceptance in the face of adversity. “Battleshade” is off of the debut EP, Hindsight, due out November 10.

The video shows Curtis shifting between her own contemplation as she moves from a reserved self in the safety of her home to a confident figure addressing an energetic press conference. The stage becomes her arena, with the lipstick as her first line of confident defense. Curtis explains, “I wanted to get the idea across that regardless of the doubts brought on by your own insecurities, or the doubts of others, everyone has an important part to play and can leave their mark on the world to make it better than they found it.”

In the video, Curtis liberates herself from discontentment and insecurities like many young women do by owning her inner fighter. The scene unfolds on a typical day at home scrolling through social media, struggling with the self-doubt and lack of confidence fostered by the enemy of comparison. Struggle turns into empowerment with a UFC clad Curtis emerging behind a grouping of microphones, light shining proudly over her, boxing tape wrapping her hands. Curtis portrays her glamorous side on stage, basking in feminine bravery. While she is performing, the stage becomes her platform to leave her mark on the world. The change in scenery paints a powerful picture of her internal thought process of what it means to find strength and confidence.

About Emily Curtis

Emily Curtis is a singer-songwriter from Charleston, SC. She was a finalist in The Great American Song contest. Curtis combines a musical array of pop, jazz, soul and country into her music. Her passion began at a young age and has continued through her life. The debut EP, Hindsight, is due out November 10.

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