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Emily Curtis Announces November 10 EP Release

The debut EP from singer songwriter Emily CurtisHindsight, is a five-track call to bravery with resilient melodies and dynamic refrains prompting feelings of triumph and vigor. The first single, “Battleshade”, is a pulse of rolling percussion and soulfully drifting vocals directly on the frontline. She unfailingly presents her audience with messages of empowerment and self-acceptance. Hindsight is due out November 10. The first single “Battleshade” is available as an approved downloadable mp3.

The instrumentation and the vocals are not the only aspect of “Battleshade” that induce a revitalizing adrenaline rush. The lyrics evoke all women, past, present and future, in a rallying call against the discriminating tone that says “you can’t.” Curtis wrote the song as a response to her own insecurities as well as a lack of support she felt from some of the people in her life. Each word was like a jab that made her more insecure about pursuing music. She explains that difficult inspiration, “Remember me. Say you will. I’ll leave a mark. It won’t fade. It’s such a bold statement to make about yourself, but singing those phrases does something in me that makes me feel brave.” Curtis uses lipstick as a metaphor, as her war paint becomes a “weapon in hand in the color respect demands.” With a swelling bridge that crescendos into a hair-raising isolated stanza at the pinnacle, the final chorus stampedes towards the coda like a battalion of unified women.

Beneath the diverse stylings of Hindsight, there is a deeper meaning beneath the current. At its core, the EP is pop, but contains musical elements of jazz, soul, and country that find their way into the veins of each individual melody. Curtis branches off into these various styles in a seamless progression that leads the listeners through feelings of identity, personal image, and sharing strength with others that need a boost of their own. The underlying value of individuality radiates compassion and strives to inspire all people.

Hindsight EP Track Listing

  1. Fixin’ To Love You
  2. Battleshade
  3. Faceless Lover
  4. Last Girl Standing
  5. Tough Love

About Emily Curtis

Emily Curtis is a singer-songwriter from Charleston, SC. She was a finalist in The Great American Song contest. Curtis combines a musical array of pop, jazz, soul and country into her music. Her passion began at a young age and has continued through her life. The debut EP, Hindsight, is due out November 10.

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