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Emerald Park Releases New Single "Wolf"

Emerald ParkSwedish indie pop group, Emerald Park, will release their upcoming single “Wolf” off of their EP GO!GO!GO!, due out June 23, 2015 on Smaragd Records. The new melancholic single from Emerald Park emerges you with a sense of hope all while having a dream like pop tone to let yourself float away and dream.

Their single “Wolf,” showcases their lyrical meaning of war and as lead singer, Tobias Borelius states, “how meaningless it is.” But don’t let this change the way you view the song. Metaphorical lyrics told through the personification of the “wolf in fairyland” appeals to another  dimension of feelings, while an undertone of optimism takes the listener into a dream like dimension lulled into a place of comfort. The term “Wolf” symbolizes the soldiers and how they need to find their safe place amongst the chaos of war.  The sound of the light bouncy chimes highlights the feeling of hope despite universal threats in our lives.


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Kyle Bendel

Being a constant festival returner to festivals like Lollapalooza and Common Ground, it is highly likely to have Kyle enjoying the good vibes and music around a festival's grounds or at a concert venue.

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