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Elmore Magazine Premieres Flagship Romance Video

Elmore Magazine premieres the new Flagship Romance video for "If I Can't Break Your Heart".

"Shawn Fisher told Elmore how “If I Can’t Break Your Heart” came about: “Inspiration can come from the strangest of places, as well as the most awkward of situations. One morning, while on tour in the Northeast, we were awakened by the phone ringing. The answering machine kicked on and started broadcasting an intense conversation between a husband and wife. We shot out of bed and tried to turn off the machine, but it was too late. Months later, in a snowed-in bed & breakfast tucked in the mountains of Sparta, North Carolina, elements of that experience came out in the fierce lyrics of this song.”

Thanks to the Southeast Group, the video for “If I Can’t Break Your Heart” was filmed in the abandoned 1902 Marble Bank Building in Jacksonville, Florida." 

You can find the full article and video here.

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