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Echo Orbiter Hand Selected by R. Stevie Moore for Tribute Box Set

Self-recording, indie demi-god R. Stevie Moore has joined forces with online magazine Sick of the Radio to release an on-going series of tribute compilations to Moore’s 40+ year career. The cult icon became well known for recording his own music and self-releasing his own material since the early 1970s. He continues to do so today, which is a true do-it-yourself dedication that many of today's musicians admire. The second volume of the tribute compilation, New Wave Moons, available for download now, features a track by Philly’s neo-psychedelic duo, Echo Orbiter. The track, a cover of Moore’s “I Hope That You Remember” is a clangy, boingy sound collage that honors the original, but definitely has Echo Orbiter’s signature stamped all over it. Contemporary indie and power-pop icon, Jason Falkner also appears on Vol.2, taking on Moore's "Play Myself Some Music." “I Hope That You Remember,” was hand-picked, along with all of the other exclusive cover songs on this compilation, by R. Stevie Moore himself. In fact, Moore liked the Echo Orbiter track so much that he bumped it up the queue from volume 4. It’s no surprise that Moore digs Echo Orbiter; the Emerle brothers’ latest release, Euphonicmontage (out September 28th), was produced, engineered, mixed and mastered by Justin Emerle himself in his home recording studio.

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