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Earbuddy Premieres Neil Holyoak Single "Fancy Moonlight"

"Holyoak’s deep, soothing vocals...are filled back and forth with poetic images. It just can’t get more romantically melancholy than that." - CMJ

Neil Holyoak’s melodious single “Fancy Moonlight” off of upcoming album Rags Across The Sun (9/9), exposes his whimsical twang and lyrical mastery, capable of sucking you down the rabbit hole of your daydreams.

Perhaps the vivid scenes Holyoak paints with his poetic lyrics stem from childhood illness. Experiencing debilitating fevers, Holyoak suffered hallucinations as a young boy. “I think that’s the hallucination I’m always chasing when I’m playing or writing nowadays,” Holyoak said. Whether or not it’s Holyoak’s past hallucinations, his love for French symbolist poetry, or another of his influences, the end result is the same: Holyoak’s beautiful lyrics in “Fancy Moonlight” evoke imagery that make your eyes and your heart swell.

Take a listen here on Earbuddy.

“Fancy Moonlight” plunges you into the mind of an apologetic lover. “The first half is about not wanting to be a petty lover, failing sometimes, and feeling bad about it,” said Holyoak. “The shame of making mistakes and wishing to be something else, something fleeting and decaying, like an old umbrella, a broken cigarillo, or the wake of an ocean liner.”

Against the lullaby of soft drum and pedal steel beats, Holyoak’s descriptive stanzas are a perfect companion for the contemplative person that searches for meaning behind the words.

Since 2006, Holyoak has released four full-length albums and worked with several industry greats. In October 2012, Neil began work on a new record with his band at Breakglass Studio in Montreal, working with engineer and producer Dave Smith (Wolf Parade, Stars, Patrick Watson, Sunset Rubdown, The Luyas). In July 2013, Holyoak recorded a single with Howard Bilerman (Arcade Fire, Handsome Furs) at Montreal’s Hotel2Tango and released The Silver Boys EP (2013) on Epitonic. Neil Holyoak also opened for S. Carey of Bon Iver in April of this year. Holyoak’s fifth album Rags Across The Sun is set to premiere September 9, 2014.

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