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Dusty Stray Announces Single, “You Couldn’t Wait To See Me Cry”

The new single off the fifth album Estranged by Netherlands-based dark noir folk act Dusty Stray flickers with a somber glow. “You Couldn’t Wait To See Me Cry” burns through atmospheric nuances and layers of eerie orchestral folk. As the night rolls on and the wax drips past the wick’s reach, the single builds up to its inevitable exhale. Produced by Kramer, Estranged is out October 12 on Great Waters. The single is now streaming on all major platforms.

“You Couldn’t Wait To See Me Cry” started out as an acoustic country-style tearjerker, but eventually evolved into an angry synth-folk anthem with the omnichord as the dominant instrument. With Kramer’s touch, the production entered into another realm of electronic dusted melodies behind a short, simple break-up song. The vocals linger and radiate a comforting warmth that soothes in the aftermath of miscalculated romance. A corresponding music video heightens the single’s feelings through an ornately decorated psychedelic stop-animation visual. It’s available to view on YouTube.

Estranged contains the depth of a songwriter who has lived on different continents, traveled the world, and taken a piece of each place on to the next. Brown delves into universal themes of unrequited love, heartbreak, loneliness, and death, but (almost) always with a small dose of hope and redemption. The melodic, lightly psychedelic acoustic-based songs are often accompanied by a number of unusual instruments and toys. There are softer melodies like that of “Down” which features a baritone ukulele, and others like “Old and Gray” which talks about the half-centennial of life. Each lyric, note, and melody is like the contents of an old, worn journal with the page just waiting to be read.

About Dusty Stray

Jonathan Brown, born in Taiwan and raised in Texas, is the man behind Dusty Stray. Now living in Amsterdam, he is set to release his fifth album, Estranged, on October 12 through Great Waters. Other Dusty Stray albums include Tales Of Misfortune And Woe (2009), Light Years Away (2011), Family Album (2012), A Tree Fell And Other Songs (2015), and the ep USA (2017). He has performed all over Europe and the United States, including two times at SXSW. The upcoming album was produced by Kramer.

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