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Diego Davidenko Releases Single "Elliott"

August 6th warrants celebration as it marks the 46th birthday of late folk songwriter Elliott Smith. Featured in It Isn’t Home, his first full length album due out August 28, Diego Davidenko releases indie folk single “Elliott” on this day of remembrance.  The song emulates Smith’s melodic and harmonic style as well as his idiosyncratic recording techniques in a tribute to the late Portlandian singer-songwriter.

Ghostly double-layered vocal tracks and abrupt changes in panning throughout “Elliott” establish a sound and mindset reminiscent of Smith’s own creations. Davidenko credits Smith as a major influence in his own music while stating, “I thank songwriters such as Elliott Smith for showing me that sad, hurt, or scared feelings can find justification if they inspire the creation of a beautiful song.” After moving from Argentina to New York at the age of nine, and having moved numerous times since, he has struggled to find a sense of belonging or a place to call home. Because of artists like Smith, Davidenko was able to find meaning in these difficult experiences and forge them into something all his own.

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