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Danielia Cotton Announces Single, "She Too"

“She Too” the new soul rock single from New York artist, Danielia Cotton, stings with feminist potency as sharp electric guitars and crisp, raging vocals bite into a mouthful of patriarchal resistance. The single aims its loaded gun at equality and roars like a speeding bullet burning right through the target. “She Too” was recorded in Brooklyn featuring Matt Beck (Matchbox 20) on guitar, and is out April 2 on her label, Cottontown LLC.

“She Too” is a fully charged rock and roll anthem channeling the rage that women feel and carry on their backs, giving a voice to the fight for equality. Cotton provides an unapologetic commentary on the current political climate stemming from movements such as #MeToo, the fight for equal pay, and the recognition of women of color. With every seething guitar lick, the angst simmers like a stack of dynamite exploding into the sky. Cotton’s roaring vocals blaze through the barricades of masculine supremacy at full force, each line standing among the flames as its own feminist mantra. Directly put, Cotton says, “Women are equal and empowered. Hear us roar.” Cotton doesn’t just rattle the chains that hold women back, but burns right through the steel with fiery passion.


About Danielia Cotton:

Danielia Cotton is a Jersey-born singer-songwriter who grew up inspired by the angst of rock and roll music. Carrying this angst through her songwriting, Cotton is currently inspired by recent issues of racial tension and female equality and has always turned to music to express her feelings about being a black woman in the music industry, specifically in the rock genre. Cotton has released five albums, Small White Town, Rare Child, The Gun in Your Hand, The Real Book and The Mystery of Me, as well as three EP’s, Danielia Cotton, Woodstock Sessions and A Prayer. Her last album was recorded in Brooklyn at Innsbruck Records, a studio owned by Roman Klun and Aaron Comess (The Spin Doctors), and has worked with and shared the stage with Greg Allman, Robert Cray, Derek Trucks and Etta James. Her latest single, "She Too” was also recorded in Brooklyn and features Matt Beck (Matchbox Twenty) on guitar. The single is out April 2 on her label, Cottontown LLC.

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