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Daniel Steinbock Releases Feb. 15 Album

Indie Folk artist, Daniel Steinbock recites honest and heartfelt poetry wrapped in a delicate, acoustic package. His new album, Out of Blue, sets free the pain and reminiscence of love in order to commence a journey of healing. The title, Out of Blue, betokens sudden creative energy that reveals itself when provoked by love, loss, and self-discovery as if peeking its head through the dark. The album is out for release on February 15.


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As a whole, the album Out of Blue rattles in a cage like a bird craving to be set free. Ultimately, it’s a break-up album, but one that tells the whole story. It doesn’t dwell in pain and sorrow, but embraces the whole journey, because to fall out of love means to have experienced the bliss of falling in love, and everything in between. According to Steinbock, the term “out of blue” holds three essential meanings that are explored throughout the album’s love story. One is that of the Big Bang, and the great mystery of primordial creativity appearing out of the void. As an artist, Steinbock also nods at the personal creative process as a whole, and how songs come out of the blue like gifts from the Muse. Lastly, the process of healing which pulls one out of the blue, out of sadness and depression, reborn into the light. These meanings are different ways of connecting with the album. They are stories within the story, much like the human experiences woven throughout the individual years that make up a lifetime. Whether happily in love or coming out of the blue, this record holds every emotion up to the light, revealing its beauty and worth.


Out of Blue Track Listing

  1. Pine Needles
  2. Good News
  3. 13 September
  4. Out of Blue
  5. Too Close To You
  6. Road to the Desert
  7. Lying & Cheating
  8. Poet’s Price
  9. The Shadow
  10. Into the Light


About Daniel Steinbock

Daniel Steinbock is a folk singer/songwriter and guitar player heavily influenced by America’s treasures of transcendental poetry, nature, and jazz music. Steinbock holds a Ph.D. in anthropology, is a co-creator of his own podcast, and has toured largely with folk musician, John Craigie, who holds a chart-topping folk record and regularly shares bills with Jack Johnson. Steinbock released his first studio EP, The Blade, in 2012, following a self-recorded EP, Sea Inside, a year earlier. The bulk of his debut album, Out of Blue was recorded live in the 100-year-old OK Theatre in Enterprise, Oregon. Engineered by Bart Budwig and featuring backing vocals from fellow Sonoma County residents, Rainbow Girls, the album was recorded in six different studios up and down the West coast. Out of Blue is out February 15, 2019.

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