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Daisybones Announces Single, “Beautymark”

The new single “Beautymark” from Boston outfit, Daisybones, frays the rope in which self identity and society play a ruthless game of tug-of-war. The back-and-forth movement of the single is explored musically as metallic guitar sparks and sizzles overtop a lush and fuzz-fueled bass line. Blustery vocals play along with vibrant energy, and the shuffle begins. Off the upcoming album, Gold, out November 9, “Beautymark” is now streaming on all major platforms.

Described as a satirical song of their album as a whole, “Beautymark” is a light-hearted poke of fun at the complicated relationship of the self-deprecating narcissist. The lyrics ooze with irony as they profess, “I'm such a narcissist, I love the way I hate myself.” The single opens up with a rhythmic start-and-stop guitar strum, like heavy waves crashing fiercely against a deep ocean of base. Mellowed out with an elongated shrilling vocal in the chorus, a dynamic juxtaposition of smooth and sharp ingredients is created. The contagious sounds both antagonize and mingle with each other in a satisfying groove, much like the sentiment of one’s love-hate relationship with their own identity that “Beautymark” lyrically plays around with.

The single is just one piece of the story which Gold tells through a catalyst of songs. The album is an interpretation of the theme presented in the coming of age book The Outsiders. In essence, the core thematic elements of the album’s lyrical content is identity, and through that, a question of the fragile innocence of youth. Gold, however, likens itself more to young adulthood in a post-coming of age battlecry. Throughout the 10 songs, Daisybones unleash a flurry of synth-dusted melodies that sprint through an ebb and flow of tempos and soothing sing-along choruses that dive bomb into your cerebellum. It’s an explosive and dynamic mixture that bubbles over in the best possible way. Stay gold.

About Daisybones:

Daisybones is a four-piece Boston indie rock band made up of Dillon Bailey (vocals, bass), Jordan Prange (Guitar), A.J. Ciardi (drums), and Lucas DeLisle (Synth). They released their first album, gusto, in 2017 and a string of singles since then. They have been featured in notable Boston outlets like Vanyaland, and are releasing their new album, Gold, this fall. It was recorded at 37ft Productions with Sean McLaughlin and Zach Bloomstein.

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