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Cosmos Sunshine Releases New Psych Rock Single, “The Bomb”

Floating psychedelic melodies combine with a spacey rock groove as Cosmos Sunshine releases the second single, “The Bomb” off his upcoming album due out May 25. With a surreal imagery swirling throughout, the soft timbre of a flute, and sustained notes wind across the melody’s atmospheric plane.

“The Bomb” has a focus that is entirely symbolic and open to interpretation. Visual queues like the Shooting Star Salesman reference the myth of the doomed rockstar as the images nestle within the wandering guitar and steady rhythm. The vocals echo the guitar and explore the universe together, while Floydian riffs simmer with a smooth, burning progression. Sunshine explains, “My interpretation is that it’s a song about seeing and accepting one’s flaws, and those of your lover. It’s a surreal and slightly sardonic way of saying to them we’re both silly, fucked up humans...let’s not let that get in the way of a good time.”

Born, Cosmos Sunshine Heidtmann on a commune-like hippie settlement on the Connecticut River, there’s an outpouring of influence behind the music that draws from years of reflection and observation. Now living in Connecticut, Heidtmann gains inspiration from nature in the countrified setting, but also from the people in his life during his time in New York City. The beauty is that each individual component encountered is wondrous, challenging, and ultimately flawed. Comes With The Fall brings a piece of each element into unified harmony. From Middle Eastern influence with an Afghan Rubab on the opening instrumental track, to the exhilaration of “Black Eyed Soul”, the album breathes as it moves. His music is an evolution of his life and journey through each colorful scene.

About Cosmos Sunshine

Cosmos Sunshine was born on a commune-like hippie settlement on the Connecticut River. The settlement was a homestead farm with no electricity, no phones and an outhouse. Water had to be hand pumped from a well that his father dug and heated on the propane stove in order to bathe. He began playing at the age of 14 and has been recording and releasing music since then. Always featuring his own compositions and having self-produced majority of his work, he has released four full length albums and four EPs. Sunshine has opened for Gov’t Mule, Blues Traveler, and King Crimson. He was also recently inducted into the CT Blues Hall of Fame. His upcoming album, Comes With The Fall, is out May 25.

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