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Cayden Wemple Announces Debut Single “Better”

The debut single from Cayden Wemple, “Better”, unites a common thread of emotions wavering between apathy, acceptance, and hope. When growing up in a world where it’s downright terrifying to turn on the news, or even log onto social media, 18-year-old Wemple drives his voice through the dark shadow cast in front of the sun, and refuses to give in to the nightmare’s pull. “Better” is off the upcoming EP, Car Crash From an Aerial View, due out February 2, 2018 . It was recorded at Rumor Mill Recording and produced by Joel Jacks (David Crosby).

With fluid melodies and a soothing vocals, Wemple is a burgeoning artist who is prepared to be the voice of those sharing his message of inclusion and solidarity. At its core, “Better” carries an anthemic rolling beat and shuffling tempo that adds to its gentle sway. But Wemple’s songwriting and lyrical structure are the kindling for his impassioned message. His lyrics are drenched in vulnerability and, at times, even show hints of uncertainty that are the cornerstone of coming of age.

His brand of millennial folk marries the social commentary of Declan McKenna with the songcraft of Conor Oberst and Gregory Alan Isakov. With dreams serving as a central inspiration, the EP’s title was inspired by a flight over Wemple’s hometown and the cars on the road below. He explains, “I thought it would be strange to see the cars crash into each other from that point of view. That idea, from an aerial view, makes the whole spectacle seem so small. When you look away from the cars, there could be a forest fire, or some other sort of disaster. Focussing on one thing at a time may be all we have time for in the moment, but, in the grand scheme of things, there is so much going on in our world. Our personal lives seem disastrous to us, but it’s all just a car crash from an aerial view. There’s so much more than just what’s on the surface.”

Car Crash From an Aerial View Track Listing

  1. Mad
  2. Not to Sugarcoat it
  3. The Boat Song
  4. Southpaw
  5. Better

About Cayden Wemple

Cayden Wemple is a singer-songwriter from San Luis Obispo, California. His debut EP tackles vulnerable themes of insecurity and personal struggle, but offers a message of inclusion, solidarity, and hope. Car Crash From an Aerial View was recorded at Rumor Mill Recording and produced by Joel Jacks (David Crosby).


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